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Ian Smith artist. Ian Smith artist. Ian Smith artist.  Well that should keep Google happy and now a BIG welcome to the real people! 

I frequently use mixed media including watercolour, gouache, pastel, house paint, car paint, wax crayon, acrylic paints and inks... in fact anything that I feel might work.

I learn mainly through experimenting although I have been to evening classes in life drawing and etching, and to workshops by Katherine Holmes, Robert Dutton, Rachel McNaughton and Helen Oxtoby.  I receive much needed help and support from my local East Keswick Art Group where Alex Purves provides gentle guidance in an amusing way! I am influenced by a range of contemporary artists including David Wiseman and Kurt Jackson.

I paint for fun, interest and excitement.  I like the freedom of painting what I like.  You will find work here at reasonable prices.  I am pleased if I recoup any of the costs of painting and donate any profit to good causes, such as charities, community activities or simply helping people I know.

Everyone reacts to paintings differently.  I react to them differently at different times, so please let me know what you think using the 'Contact' page.











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